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We help small and medium sized businesses elevate their digital presence and win more business through video marketing.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

Being Misunderstood

"Prospects don’t understand why we’re better than the competition and it’s losing us business.”

Trouble Simplifying

"Our business is complex, you can’t create interesting videos about it."

The “What If” Game

"If we could just show our prospects how awesome we are, they would never work with anyone else."

Fear of Missing Out

"We're going to get left behind if we don't start investing in video marketing.”

Our clients felt the same way

before us.

These fears are universal because the transition to video marketing has been rapid. The difference is whether or not you take action. Our team takes the guesswork out of the video marketing process by utilizing a simple process that delivers extraordinary results.

We call this process, Making the Complex Simple.

Our 4 Phase Plan to Make the Complex Simple

This plan has been forged through the creation of 30,000+ productions and ensures that we harness the core message at the heart of your business to turn prospects into clients and clients into raving fans.

Phase 01: Clarify

We work with your leadership or marketing team to identify the core goals that will drive the creation of your video marketing materials.

Phase 02: Simplify

The goals defined in phase 1 are woven into every aspect of the videos so that your audience can’t help but take action the second they see your content.

Phase 03: Create

This is where great preparation meets impeccable execution. Our team of filmmakers uses every tool in our arsenal to create a smooth and fun production.

Phase 04: Distribute

We provide easy to follow strategies for releasing the videos that your team can utilize for a successful marketing launch.

We bring this process to every video we create, because, for us, we won’t allow ourselves to under deliver.

Some of the videos we’ve created using our approach

We're an award winning team for achieving these results for our clients

Why should you work with us?

There are a lot of video production teams out there, so it’s important to find the team that will represent your company best.

With Row Five, you’ll receive a flexible scope of work tailored to meet your unique goals within your budget.

If you truly love your business, we can capture that passion and use it to transform your target prospects into raving fans.


We take extreme ownership over every project and every outcome, and we’d rather die than under deliver for you.

We know time is your most valuable resource. Our services are streamlined to minimize your time commitment as much as possible.

While working with Row Five, you’ll catch yourself thinking “Making videos is so rad!”, “My business looks so cool!”, and “I’m so proud of what we’ve built!”

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